Fine-Line Illustrations for Business


Fine-line addresses the need to enhance business communication material by using the power of pictures in combination with storytelling.

Research suggests that visuals can aid in making presentations more persuasive and memorable. That doesn’t mean that any visuals will suffice– poor visuals and badly designed presentations can impair effectiveness. Fine-Line specializes in creating appropriate visuals for your communication needs.

Their flagship product is graphic recording (also referred to as scribing, visual recording etc). This is a method of capturing and interpreting messages in front of live audiences. The story of the live event, be it a workshop, meeting or conference is captured visually, ensuring that:

  • complex concepts are simplified
  • a visual summary of discussions and decisions is created
  • message retention is increased
  • delegates are entertained and engaged at your event
  • delegates see a clear visual of the summary of discussions, re-inforcing the main points.

Visuals can be used in feedback reporting and action plans, on office stationary or as wall decorations, in newsletters or social media channels.

Their clients include Nedbank, De Beers, Oxfam, Bankserv Africa, Barloworld, UNFPA and many others. Fine-Line has worked abroad and is willing to accept graphic facilitation commissions in other countries. Fine-line is affiliated with the International Forum for Visual Practitioners (IFVP).


Graphic facilitation, process visualisation, whiteboard animation


Contact Person: Nicolene Louw


Phone: 084 517 6304

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