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Justin loves to take photos of everything from sexy models to amazing sunsets. Born in a crazy time & exposed to crazier situations, he's here to experience it all!

Through travel, photography and the amazing people he meets, Justin hopes to experience all that this mad world has to offer! Take in what he has to say, enjoy what he has to share, but most of all….enjoy your life!

He knows what it’s like to live his life as if there weren’t any days left for him and for him that means he is alive.

Being put into a position where he wasn’t sure whether he’d be able to see or not, has lead him to taking steps to see the world from a different angle.

He believes that passion and desire are essential ingredients for creating visions that stand out above the crowd.

In order to keep producing those visions it is necessary to stay inspired. He hopes that he will always be inspired by the people he meets, the places he travels to, and the moments he experiences so that he can keep producing outstanding images…



Over the years Justin has been very fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and these include: ADIDAS, Guess, EFC WorldWide, Fashion TV, Jameson Whisky, Ultra Music Festival South Africa, The South African Property Owners’ Association, Miss Earth South Africa, City Sightseeing South Africa, AFAR Travel, Tigerbrands, Latinova South Africa, Ed Hardy, Household Funk, Old Mutual and Servest among others.

His work has appeared in various local and international publications and ad campaigns, ranging from newspaper and news group features to international travel magazines and even worldwide television broadcasts on a regular basis.

He believes that a good photographer can work with whatever he’s provided with and still make a good image… He still has his preferences though.

Justin shoots with a Canon camera, uses Lexar memory cards, has a Lowepro backpack and uses a Windows based MSI laptop to do his editing on.

*Disclaimer: He is a Lexar Brand Ambassador and he says he wouldn’t have agreed to be one if he didn’t believe that the brand was of the best in the market.


Phone: +27 (0)82 348 4017

Email: info@justinlee.co.za

Website: justinlee.co.za

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