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Change, as inevitable as it is, scares us all. As does complexity, contradiction and an uncertain future. Yet change is mandatory for extraordinary results.

We offer practical ways to grow and meet change, with clarity, conviction and courage.

Real Wisdom operates as a Professional Coaching practice to meet the demand for professional, performance and leadership coaching.

Real Wisdom combines the power of integral coaching with integral leadership development and mindfulness practice to build your wisdom to not just survive, but truly thrive in your real future.


Executive coaching: Our coaching services are customized to client needs and expectations, embedded and contextualized within the business. This can include, and frequently combines integral leadership, effective conversations, emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness, stress management and any specific leadership or management competency. Corporate coaching: With our programs experienced professional coaches effectively leverage their skills into an organization in a targeted, strategy- and results-driven manner. The outcome: employees and managers move beyond significantly improved outcomes, to having coaching conversations, supporting one another through common language and practice. Teens and young adults: Life skills appear to take a back seat in most schools and tertiary education institutions. Parents instinctively recognize this, but it is only when young adults become independent that the gaps become apparent. Real Wisdom uses experience from coaching young adults and emerging leaders in work contexts, coupled with the power of coaching conversations as a life skill, to provide key life skills, which augment school curricula. Mindfulness coaching: Mindfulness is the practice of focusing our attention on what is actually happening inside us (our thoughts, feelings and sensations) and around us, in the present moment, with openness and without judgment. Through observations, we begin to uncover the workings of our own minds – we become more aware of the judgments, the storylines, the filters that affect our perceptions, decisions and ultimately our behavior  


Contact: Dr. Torsten Henschel

Phone: 082 4128474