Virtual Events Knowledge Series | The Planner

There is no need to iterate the value of meetings and events – throughout time they are what has allowed humans to come together, share, meet, discuss, achieve, acknowledge and enable progress in one way or another.

The way humans are able to meet and have event experiences has now changed, and with that change has come many challenges and opportunities.

In this bi-monthly Knowledge Series on virtual events, brought to you by Flock Eventing Platform, you’ll learn the fundamentals of virtual events, get step-by-step guidance to take your events virtual, and get insights into the multitude of opportunities that await us in this new realm.

Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Time: 15:00-16:00
: click here

The first session is with VR and AR expert Steve Pinto, who has spent the last ten years creating new worlds for industries like hospitality, tourism, mining, financial, telecommunications and more. He is the CEO of a highly successful Virtual Reality Studio, and to add to his vast experience has helped craft and develop the popular South African mobile app game, Boet Fighter, as well.

Join in to understand more about how people become completely immersed in Virtual Realities and how this tech stretches the boundaries for the eventing world as we know it.