Webinar: Sustainable events in an uncertain time | The Planner

Join the Event Greening Forum (EGF) for their first webinar, where they will be unpacking what sustainability can look like during the COVID-19 pandemic – and beyond. The session will be moderated by the EGF Vice Chair, Morwesi Ramonyai. Guest speakers will be announced shortly.

Date: Thursday, 27 August
Time: 10:00-11:00
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As the applied lockdowns are systematically being lifted and the economy is slowly re-opening, we are emerging to a new normal of permanent mask wearing, active social distancing and constant sanitizing. The very essence of events – people meeting, interacting and connecting – is being shaken and the impact on events is unsurprisingly staggering. As events are beginning to take place and Covid health precautions and regulations take center stage, some questions that may come up include:

  • Is event greening still a priority? Why should greening and sustainability still matter?
  • Does Greening conflict with any pandemic regulations? Can the two co-exist?
  • Will greening events not increase costs that are already high due to the pandemic?
  • How can the regulations be complied with whilst maintaining sustainability at events?

Sustainability and the pandemic are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary they can be complimentary. Also, sustainability is a long term project that will stay with us long after the pandemic subsides.

The experts and practitioners invited to help unpack these issues will be confirmed shortly.