Event Tech Innovation Report 2021: What’s inside?
Event Manager Blog has released its 2021 Event Tech Innovation Report. The Planner Guru gives you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Over the past year, the MICE industry has been subject to much change. In the scramble towards the new normal, the industry is currently being supported by technology to a large extent.

To better guide organisers and planners during this challenging and uncertain period, Event Manager Blog (EventMB) has released its latest resource, the 2021 Event Tech Innovation Report.

What’s inside?

The report takes a strategic look at the latest innovation in tech. In addition, it helps readers understand how to go about data-driven decision making and generate a return on investment for both organisers and clients, which of course, is always top of mind.

The report also touches on engagement and provides what it calls “actionable tips for creating engagement in virtual events.” It also delivers practical tips for monetization and sponsorship opportunities for all events, as well as the benefits of establishing diverse, equitable and inclusive professional settings.

The report requires users to register but can be downloaded for free from EventMB here. For free more resources, click here to subscribe to our newsletters and publications.