PCO Alliance sees strong uptake of vaccines among corporates
In a statement received by theplanner.guru from the PCO Alliance Network earlier this week, it was noted that the body has seen an increasing number of corporates vaccinate their staff.

With much of the business world making a strong push towards getting back to normal, many are driving campaigns and initiatives to encourage their staff to be vaccinated.

“We as the PCO Alliance Network have noticed the growing trend of our clients requesting the vaccination status of hotel employees before they are willing to book a venue. Moving forward this is going to be the reality of offering venues for gatherings such as conferences, events and exhibitions,” says the PCO Alliance in its statement.

What we can expect in the near future

With clients expecting a higher level of care and safety for themselves and for their delegates, airlines, hotels and restaurants globally have started requiring all staff to be vaccinated and be subjected to regular testing, highlights the PCO Alliance: “These same stakeholders are now also starting to require vaccine certificates or passports to be produced before guests may enter an aircraft, hotel, restaurant or stadium. Travel adjacent to events such as sports events, music concerts, fairs and expos are requiring guests to show proof of vaccinations.”

While members of the PCO Alliance Network are ready to work together with their clients, venues and suppliers on producing many successful events within the Covid-19 parameters, “people can expect proof of vaccination to become an increasingly common part of travel and daily life,” the statement concludes.

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