Radisson makes history by offering carbon-negative meetings
The Radisson Hotel Group is the world’s first hotel group to offer carbon-negative meetings.

With more than 400 hotels in its Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) portfolio, the Radisson Hotel Group has become the first hotel group in the world to offer carbon-negative meetings and events. In an official announcement made earlier this week, Radisson has said that for every event taking place at its participating hotels, it will offset double the carbon footprint, thus ensuring that every meeting has a positive environmental impact. This forms part of its Carbon Negative. Planet Positive initiative.

“For meetings booked between 18 October 2021 and 31 January 2022 and taking place before 31 March 2022, Carbon Negative. Planet Positive will set a new sustainability standard in the global hospitality industry. The programme allows clients to host meetings in a sustainable way by offsetting double the CO2 emissions from meetings and events free of charge to the client, making meetings that take place during this period at participating hotels carbon negative,” noted Radisson in its statement.

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What is Carbon Negative. Planet Positive?

In line with the Group’s Responsible Business programme which aims to reduce carbon footprint by 30%, carbon-neutral meetings have formed part of Radisson’s offering across its 1 600 hotels worldwide since 2019. Following the launch of its 100% carbon neutral meetings programme, Radisson has offset over 30 300 tons of CO2 at no cost to its clients. This is the equivalent of the emissions from more than 6 500 fuel-driven cars. 

“The upcoming COP26 conference will see world leaders come together to discuss climate change which needs all our attention. At Radisson Hotel Group, we are constantly reviewing how we as a global business can influence positive climate action, and how we can encourage the hospitality industry to push the boundaries on green meetings and events. We are proud to be pioneering this initiative and trust that meeting organizers around the globe recognize the positive impact they can have on the environment as face-to-face meetings increase,” says Eric de Neef, Executive Vice President, Global Chief Branding & Commercial Officer.

Carbon Negative. Planet Positive allows organisers to make meetings carbon negative and their impact planet positive, notes Inge Huijbrechts, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications.

“With the return of business travel, now is the time to have a positive impact. For Radisson Hotel Group, it is important that we offset carbon emissions according to the highest quality standards and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is why we select offsetting projects that are not only good for the environment, but also socially relevant. This initiative plays a key role in helping us achieve our Responsible Business targets to protect people, planet, and community,” concludes Inge.

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