Destination promotion: South Africa’s achievements in the Life Science sector | The Planner
South Africa has sectors that contribute to the gross domestic product. Of these, life sciences faced major challenges during the lockdown.

The pandemic inadvertently showcased South Africa’s ability to respond to a changing global landscape to address the challenges of the day.

By cultivating a spirit of optimism, whilst acknowledging collective social and economic challenges, South Africa punched above its weight and built on its incredible achievements – further stamping the country as one of the leaders in medical innovation. South Africa conducted the most testing in Africa for Covid-19, alerted the world of the infectious nature of the Delta variant, thanks to incredible local genomics institutes, and ran its own National Ventilator programme to produce ventilators for local use and export.

South Africa is also the home of Dr Salim Abdool Karim, an instrumental advisory figure in the fight against Covid-19, jointly awarded the prestigious 2020 John Maddox Prize for standing up for sound science during the pandemic alongside Dr Anthony Fauci (United States).

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