RX Africa’s Daniella Galante secures UFI grant The Planner

RX Africa’s Daniella Galante has secured a grant to help “develop a new talent narrative” for the exhibitions industry.

Following the conclusion of its judging process, Daniella Galante, senior digital marketing executive at RX Africa, has become one of six recipients of UFI’s Next Generation Leadership (NGL) Grant programme.

“The UFI NGL Grant promotes next-generation leadership in the exhibition industry, rewarding professionals who show clear initiatives in driving change and innovation in their area of activity. This year, the focus of the NGL project is to develop a new talent narrative for the exhibition industry, a topic of critical importance to the future of our sector,” notes UFI on its website.

The full list of grant recipients is as follows:

  1. Monika Baro, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co. – Thailand
  2. Daniella Galante, RX Africa – South Africa
  3. Joseph (Joe) Kowalsky, Emerald X LLC – USA
  4. Justine Rabel, Eventmaker – France
  5. Maria Victoria Piñeres, Costa Rica Convention Center / Grupo Heroica Volio & Trejos S.A – Costa Rica
  6. Jon Yahirun, Clarion Events – USA

In her statement on her win, Daniella had this to say: “We need to remind people of why they loved the industry and had the passion in the first place – why they got into the events industry. You can teach skill, but you can’t teach passion… Our jobs actually make a difference, and it is empowering to know that. In this industry, we are creating a meeting place where economic growth can take place, where leaders of the world meet and where we can solve important issues facing the world.”

On behalf of the 3S Media group, theplanner.guru would like to congratulate Daniella on the awarding of her grant! We wish her every success in the future!

Images via UFI.org

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