Scan Display Cape Town up and running after fire | The Planner

In the early evening on 23 December 2022, a fire broke out at exhibition and events supplier Scan Display’s Cape Town offices on the foreshore. The fire resulted in part of the facility being destroyed.

A security guard saw the smoke coming from the building and quickly alerted the security company, which in turn alerted the Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service Department. The fire department managed to contain the fire, preventing damage to some of the stock, vehicles and equipment.

The company’s Cape Town staff rallied around over the Christmas break and the production facility was quickly reinstated in nearby premises. Thanks to this dedicated team, Scan Display is operational in time for upcoming projects.

Scan Display’s Managing Director, Justin Hawes, is grateful to the company’s staff for managing the situation so effectively: “In the exhibition industry, we are used to problem-solving, thinking on our feet and adapting. We build structures in short time frames, and these abilities have enabled us to be operational again so quickly. We are now looking forward to a busy 2023.”

The production team setting up the new facilities in nearby premises.
The new facilities have ensured the company is fully operational.