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In a shift away from traditional office spaces and the rise of hybrid and remote work, the demand for extraordinary conference venues has reached new heights. Flexibility and the opportunity to connect with colleagues, in stimulating surroundings have taken centre stage.

As companies seek alternatives to the traditional office setting, finding conference facilities that offer seamless, stress-free, and one-of-a-kind in-person meetings has become essential. One such space gaining popularity as a venue for hosting conferences and corporate events in South Africa is wine farms.

The country’s renowned wine regions, such as Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl are attractive choices for conferences owing to their picturesque landscapes, world-class wines, and well-equipped facilities. One particular wine farm nestled in the tranquil Constantia Valley Winelands, just 25 minutes away from Cape Town’s urban hustle, sets the scene for a truly exceptional conference experience.


Location is critical when selecting a conference venue, with safe and easy access to public transportation, along with nearby quality accommodation, being crucial factors. Steenberg Farm‘s advantageous location makes it an ideal choice for colleagues and teams travelling from both near and far. Boasting three private conference venues, including one recently refurbished, Steenberg offers high-end facilities that ensure business is conducted in absolute comfort.

Unique and captivating settings

A venue’s layout and ambience significantly impact a conference’s success. Research indicates a notable correlation between workplace ambience, employee performance, and productivity. Adequate meeting rooms that can accommodate the conference’s size and requirements are vital. Venues that provide ample natural light and fresh air foster collaboration, creating a happier and more effective team.

When it comes to wine farms, this is an easy tick-box. The natural beauty, with sprawling vineyards and picturesque mountains characteristic of Western Cape wine farms, creates a captivating backdrop for conferences. It offers a refreshing change from traditional conference venues, adding a touch of finesse and ambience to the event.

Terroir Terrace at Bistro, Steenberg Farm
Terroir Terrace at Bistro, Steenberg Farm

Versatile conference spaces

Wine farms often provide a range of versatile event spaces that can accommodate conferences of various sizes. From intimate boardrooms to spacious conference halls, these venues offer flexibility in setting up different seating arrangements and breakaway areas, catering to the specific needs of each conference.

Steenberg Farm’s distinguishing factor lies in its remarkable trifecta of private conference venues, each meticulously designed to offer comfort and sophistication, setting a new standard for excellence in business.


When it comes to facilities, a modern conference venue should offer high-tech features such as audio-visual equipment and high-speed WiFi. At Steenberg Farm, all conference packages come with complimentary high-speed WiFi, notepads, pens, flipcharts, Smart TVs or projectors with audio setups, connectivity cables, and ample plug points. Conference units with built-in microphones and video cameras facilitate seamless connectivity through platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. The professional and friendly staff are dedicated to ensuring the success and enjoyment of conference attendees, readily available to assist with troubleshooting and fulfil any requests that may arise.

Culinary experiences

Wine farms are renowned for their superior culinary offerings, catering to diverse dietary requirements. Incorporating award-winning restaurants, gourmet catering services, and wine tastings into conference programmes can enhance attendees’ experience, providing an opportunity to savour the region’s delightful cuisine and sample world-class wines during breaks or networking sessions.

Nutritious fare is crucial for maintaining focus and productivity throughout a conference. Steenberg’s conference packages offer 5-star catering, including a delicious two-course lunch with options available for vegetarians and vegans.

Cuvee Room at Tryn, Steenberg Farm
Cuvee Room at Tryn, Steenberg Farm

Team-building activities

In addition to the allure of exclusive conference venues and their amenities, many wine farms offer a range of team-building activities that can be integrated into conference schedules. From Boule, Cornhole, and Horseshoes to Lawn Jenga or Soccer, these experiences foster camaraderie, encourage collaboration, and provide memorable moments for conference attendees.

The ‘bleisure’ trend

Wine regions in South Africa are typically located in proximity to other tourist attractions and activities, such as wildlife reserves, golf courses, hiking trails, or historical landmarks. Steenberg Farm, set on immaculate grounds with spectacular vistas of vineyards and mountains, offers a serene spa and access to the 18-hole Championship Golf course, which allows conference attendees to combine business with leisure, providing opportunities for relaxation and exploration during their stay, and enhancing the overall conference experience.

On-site accommodation

For multi-day conferences, on-site accommodation is a significant advantage. Steenberg Hotel and Spa offers preferential rates for conference attendees, providing 24 luxurious rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities, such as designated workspaces and complimentary high-speed WiFi. These accommodations offer a peaceful and conducive environment for both work and rest.

The combination of scenic beauty, unique event spaces with exceptional facilities, attentive service, culinary delights, and immersive experiences offered by wine farms in South Africa make them increasingly popular as conference venues.

Cover image by David Köhler on Unsplash