Tintswalo Lodges launches #myTintswaloStory campaign | The Planner

Tintswalo Lodges is launching the #myTintswalo Campaign and would love you to be part of this journey!

At Tintswalo, we’ve always believed that our lodges are not just destinations; they’re heartfelt experiences, each woven with love, gratitude, and unparalleled service. With #myTintswalo, we aim to celebrate these shared emotions and individuality that make each lodge extraordinary.

Join us in expressing your #myTintswaloExperience. Share with us your cherished memories, and emotional connections to our lodges.

We promise to reciprocate by sharing our #myTintswaloStory and unveiling the hidden treasures of our lodges through #myTintswaloLodge.

This is your invitation to be a part of something extraordinary. Spread the love, gratitude, and peace that define the Tintswalo experience. Engage, share, and let’s make unforgettable memories together.