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Tandem is a corporate team building and events expert. What puts them in a league of their own is their ability to strengthen teams across a broad range of critical team attributes and skills, ultimately delivering a high ROI for their clients.

Many team building companies host fun events that build morale and spirit. At Tandem we call this ‘spirit building’, and know it is important for creating high-functioning teams. However, we also know that this is only one of the elements of effective teams – and we are committed to helping deliver all the elements that teams need to thrive in the modern workplace,” says Shantal Morsner, sales and operations GM at Tandem, a corporate events company with an innovative approach. She goes on to list some of the other factors that are critical for effective teamwork, such as; understanding team dynamics, defining goals, having a shared vision, instilling creative problem solving, boosting employee confidence, improving decision making, cultivating leadership skills, increasing cooperation and productivity, managing stress effectively, promoting wellness, building interpersonal trust, enhancing group communication, developing conflict resolution skills and more.

“Our unique selling point is that we can help identify problems and opportunities in the workplace, provide the right framework to constructively engage on these, and ultimately impart the skills and solutions teams need to excel,” she adds. In other words, it’s a strategic outcomes-based approach, and not only about having fun. “Although we do that too!”

Identifying the right solutions for each client

Shantal highlights that helping a team perform better is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as every company and team is different and has its own mix of strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. Therefore, Tandem custom curates their team building events so that they are perfectly adapted to a client and the outcomes they are looking for.
This can be done with a light touch in terms of helping a client choose the right team building package that aligns with their needs and tweaking it to fit their unique scope. The company’s catalogue of packages is extensive, including popular and well-known options as well as newly innovated ones, such as tech savvy futuristic builds (hello Oculus virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse), or holistic health and wellness workshops (imparting stress management tools, including yoga, meditation, and breathing classes).
Adventure activities, corporate social responsibility events, and corporate workshops with a training and development angle are also on the menu.
At the other end of the spectrum, Tandem can offer a fully custom-designed programme developed in-house and based on consultations to establish their client’s key concerns and objectives (among other considerations).

For example, clinical psychologist Dr Keely Owen is the company’s inhouse professional facilitator who can design bespoke corporate curative sessions which cater to dealing with conflict resolution, stress management, post-pandemic challenges, inclusivity, and more. Or she can develop Exco care sessions to assist high level executive committees deal with the myriad stresses and challenges that their roles place on them, including improved interpersonal skills, stress management, crisis intervention, and so on.

These tailored solutions to help teams thrive are even more valuable post-Covid, where, in addition to the standard challenges that teams face, there are several new ones. For example, many companies are taking in high volumes of new recruits, while their teams are dispersed thanks to remote work set-ups, and lingering post-pandemic mental health challenges still plague many employees. Team building has become an invaluable tool to help companies flourish in this new landscape.

An in-house powerhouse

While the content of teambuilding is an area where Tandem excels, they also know how to host exceptional events. Because Tandem partner companies include the likes of Inspire Rentals, Unlimited Events, and Prop Stars, they have everything an event needs, in-house. From tents, staging, lighting, AV, furniture hire, props,
infrastructure, stock, and expertise to execute a very professional experience at a great price. This also means that the company is always able to bring a strong aesthetic to every event, and there is always a wow factor.

“We never provide a basic offering; every event we deliver will have something special about it,” stresses Shantal.
Another benefit to working with Tandem is that it is a one-stop-shop for a fully packaged and produced teambuilding event – and any other type of event you would like to host. (The company can also deliver unique concepts for awards dinners, conferences, exhibitions, company family fun days, and recognition and incentive events – including corporate incentive trips and executive weekend getaways.) Each client benefits from needing to only deal with one person, who will handle every aspect of their event, from planning to implementation and, finally, its flawless execution.

Goodbye 2023 … hello 2024!

Team building can be a great way to end the year on a high note, especially when combined with a company year-end function. However, Shantal also highlights its value as a way to start the new year; “At the start of the year, most companies want to lay the groundwork for their success.

Team building events or corporate curative workshops can be an effective way to bring teams together, align their goals and mindset, and clarify what each team member needs to succeed in the year ahead.”

So, if you’re looking for real results and tangible benefits – look no further. At Tandem, “We don’t just meet expectations, we surpass them.”