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We are experiencing great technological changes on an almost second-by-second basis. We are firmly entrenched in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with some experts even suggesting that the world is on the brink of the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

According to the World Economic Forum:

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution marks the emergence of ‘cyber-physical systems’, ushering in novel capabilities for both humans and machines. Building upon the technologies and infrastructure of its predecessor, the Third Industrial Revolution, this era signifies a profound integration of technology into the fabric of societies and even into our own bodies, introducing unprecedented modes of interaction and advancement.”

Riding high on this wave of technological development and innovation, TravelIT, which is a division of Tourvest Travel Services, is excited to announce a host of ground-breaking features in 2024 that will revolutionise the business travel sector.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the company is planning:

  • WhatsApp-Integrated Chatbot: Elevate user engagement and assistance by seamlessly integrating a Chatbot with WhatsApp for enhanced support.
  • Campaign Management Tool: Empower your travel campaigns with a robust tool to streamline operations and maximize effectiveness.
  • Event Coordination Feature: Simplify event planning within the TravelIT ecosystem that has a dedicated feature designed for seamless integration.
  • Travel Requester Upgrade: Experience a significant enhancement with Travel Requester V2.0, featuring an even more intuitive interface for users.
  • Secure Virtual Credit Card System: Introduce a secure and efficient Virtual Credit Card system to provide travellers with enhanced payment solutions.
  • WhatsApp-Based Approval Process: Revolutionize approval procedures with direct approval capabilities through WhatsApp, offering unparalleled convenience.

Says Agie Adams, general manager marketing & advertising at Tourvest Travel Services:

“These enhancements underscore our commitment to providing our users with cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of the travel industry. We believe these features will not only streamline processes but also significantly elevate the overall travel experience.”