Boardwalk contributes to beachfront safety through motorcycle donation | The Planner

Boardwalk Hotel and Casino has generously donated a motorcycle to the Beachfront Safety Sector, aligning with Sun International’s commitment to enhancing safety and security in the area. The 200cc motorbike, previously utilised for patrolling the Boardwalk parking lot, has now been repurposed to support the South African Police Service in their efforts to patrol the beachfront area, ensuring the safety of both tourists and locals. Tati Tsunke, General Manager of Boardwalk and chair of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber beachfront cluster, expressed enthusiasm for the donation, highlighting its role in fortifying the cluster’s responsiveness to prevailing challenges.

In addition to the motorcycle donation, Boardwalk has also contributed to enhancing security infrastructure by donating towards the installation of a CCTV system with cameras spanning from King’s Beach to Pollock Beach, as well as providing solar lighting for Shark Rock Pier. Shaun Tappan, chairman of the Beachfront Safety Sector, extended his gratitude to Boardwalk for their contribution and commitment to combating crime, noting the motorbike’s utility in patrolling hard-to-reach areas and its cost-effectiveness due to low fuel consumption.

Further efforts to preserve the beachfront included a beach clean-up event on 17 February hosted by Boardwalk Mall and Boardwalk Hotel and Casino in collaboration with Pick n Pay, Spur Steak Ranches, Wildlife, The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, and Don’t Waste. Close to 200 participants, including students from various schools and employees from local businesses, collected approximately 540 kg of waste, with a significant portion earmarked for recycling.