South Africa's Esteemed Woman of Stature Awards 2024 | The Planner

The Woman of Stature Awards is a beacon of recognition for the tireless dedication and passion of female entrepreneurs and business leaders spanning a myriad of industries. Esteemed for its rigorous selection process, the award symbolises not just a recognition but a hard-earned honour, underpinned by an audited nomination procedure to uphold its esteemed credibility.

A record-breaking year of nominations

This year, the Woman of Stature Awards witnessed an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm, with over 200 nominations received from across the diverse landscape of South Africa. Each candidate underwent thorough scrutiny, leading to the announcement of a record 87 nominees. These outstanding women have since embarked on a transformative journey filled with networking opportunities and workshops aimed at bolstering their capabilities and inspiring profound empowerment.

The path to finalist status involved a stringent adjudication process, where each category was evaluated by three distinguished judges who are expert in the field, ensuring fairness and integrity monitored by the auditing firm MGI RAS. This meticulous selection culminated in the announcement of the exceptional finalists for the 2024 awards, marking a significant milestone in their professional journey.

A glittering gala and the future of empowerment

Looking ahead, the Woman of Stature™ Awards 2024 is set to dazzle at the illustrious Gala Dinner on 13 April at the Indaba Hotel, celebrating achievement across numerous categories including CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Woman in Technology, among others. This event not only highlights the zenith of female achievement in various sectors but also serves as a catalyst for further growth and recognition within their respective fields and beyond.

Charlotte du Plessis, the CEO of the Woman of Stature Awards, passionately believes in the power of these awards to foster a more equitable and prosperous society. “Empowering and celebrating the achievements of women is crucial,” she asserts, “for paving the way for future generations to flourish and make an indelible impact globally.”

Anticipation for the #DREAMBIGGER Summit

The anticipation builds for the #DREAMBIGGER Summit, scheduled for the 12th and 13th of April — a cornerstone event championing the collective power of women. With a theme aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this summit promises to be an impactful gathering, underscored by a partnership with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network South Africa and featuring 20 guest speakers from around the globe.

This event, and the Woman of Stature Awards as a whole, embody a decade-long journey of resilience, tenacity, and unwavering dedication to advancing women’s roles in society. It stands as a celebration of what can be achieved when women support each other, aiming to inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders.