Event Greening Forum advocates for sustainable events | The Planner

As the Event Greening Forum (EGF) continues to promote responsible environmental practices within the events industry, the Chairperson has issued a pivotal call-to-action focusing on the sustainability of event structures, particularly trade show stands. This initiative highlights the critical need for the industry to reassess and innovate in the use of materials for booth construction to mitigate environmental impact.

Evaluating material choices for sustainability

The dynamic world of exhibitions is a point where creativity meets commerce and the choice of materials for booths is crucial not only for visual appeal but also for environmental sustainability. The EGF has conducted a detailed comparison of three popular materials: Aluminium System Exhibition Booths, MDF Custom Booths, and Paper Fibre Board. Each material’s environmental attributes and recyclability were scrutinised to guide industry stakeholders in making more sustainable choices.

Aluminium system exhibition booths are praised for their durability, modularity, and recyclability, although concerns about the energy-intensive production process remain. MDF custom booths offer customisation and cost-effectiveness, yet they pose environmental concerns owing to the use of chemicals and potential for deforestation. Paper fibre board stands out for its sustainability and lightweight nature, contributing to reduced carbon emissions, though it lacks the durability and customisation possibilities of the other materials.

Pushing beyond traditional practices

Traditionally, the focus on sustainability in event infrastructure has been on visible elements such as recycled banners and biodegradable materials. However, the EGF encourages a deeper integration of sustainable practices that challenge the status quo and foster innovation across all aspects of event planning and execution.

A call-to-action for industry transformation

The Chairperson urges the industry to move beyond mere compliance with sustainability standards and to reimagine the design, sourcing, and construction of event infrastructure. This transformational approach is seen as essential for creating event experiences that not only leave a lasting impression but also have a positive impact on the planet.

The EGF’s advocacy for a comprehensive reevaluation of how event structures are designed and built is a clear call to all industry stakeholders to join in this crucial endeavour. The aim is to ensure that sustainability becomes a core component of the industry’s framework and not just an optional add-on.

The Event Greening Forum remains committed to leading by example, challenging industry norms, and supporting its members and the wider community in adopting sustainable practices that will lead to a greener future.