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The African hospitality sector is embracing transformative actions and innovations, pivotal to redefining the industry across the continent. The timing aligns with Africa’s tourism recovering to 96% of its pre-pandemic levels in 2023, with international tourism generating US$1.4 trillion and expected to surpass this figure in 2024. As the second-fastest growing tourism region, the continent benefits from a rising middle class, heightened investment, and an anticipated CAGR of 8.9% by 2032.

Key topics include exploring how sustainability can coexist with luxury and how authentic design can integrate with innovation to deliver both aesthetics and functionality. These issues are addressed by renowned speakers and experts who discuss leveraging technology to meet evolving market needs. The discussion focuses on pivotal trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and emergent technologies, sustainability, social responsibility, diversifying tourism revenue, OTA versus direct bookings, personalisation through big data, the growth of the bleisure industry, and attracting investment. “AI is revolutionising businesses globally, and the hospitality sector has a unique opportunity to adopt innovative strategies for personalisation, decision-making, and growth,” states an industry leader.

The African Hospitality Confidence Index 2024 reveals significant insights

A total of 92% of customers engage in bleisure travel, 53% utilise dynamic pricing strategies, and 89% recognise the importance of ESG principles for long-term success. These discussions are crucial for the industry’s sustainability and unlocking new opportunities. Jeff Blackbeard, Director of Sectors and Markets at Moore Global, highlights the dual need for quality accommodation and a focus on sustainability and technological advancements. He comments on the importance of discussing trends that position Africa as a vibrant international destination, capitalising on the growth observed in 2023.

Supporting these initiatives, the 2024 Advisory Board comprises distinguished industry professionals committed to shaping a comprehensive and impactful agenda. This board includes leaders such as Neil Hughes, Managing Director at Providence Hospitality; Lee-Anne Singer, Chairperson at FEDHASA Cape; Glyn Taylor, CEO at Oasis Life; and Leoni Andereya, Curator at Radisson Red, who bring expertise across various hospitality domains.