A day at Africa's Big 7 and Hotel & Hospitality Expo | The Planner

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending SAITEX, Africa’s Big 7, and the Hotel and Hospitality Expo for the first time. Held at the Sandton Convention Centre, the event was a dynamic blend of three major conferences running simultaneously.

Africa’s Big 7

Africa’s Big 7 was a vibrant celebration of food from around the world, featuring a diverse array of international participants, including numerous exhibitors from India and various Asian countries. Although I didn’t manage to explore all the stalls, the atmosphere was incredible. The aroma that greeted us as we entered the hall was a testament to the culinary delights on display. Chefs were actively participating in competitions, demonstrating their skills by creating dishes from given ingredients. This engaging concept allowed them to source ingredients from the venue, showcasing their creativity and resourcefulness.

Supporting local entrepreneurs

One of the key highlights of SAITEX was the emphasis on providing a platform for township entrepreneurs to showcase their products. The variety was impressive, from beautiful handcrafted jewellery to exquisite leather goods. I couldn’t resist purchasing a sample for myself and found it challenging to navigate through the numerous shops, each offering unique and high-quality items.

Additionally, the expo featured a series of talks focusing on practical solutions for business challenges. Topics ranged from securing funding to overcoming the barriers small businesses face when seeking loans. These sessions were incredibly informative, offering practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses despite financial constraints.

The Hospitality Showcase

The Hotel and Hospitality Expo was another significant part of the event, highlighting suppliers to the hospitality industry. Exhibits included everything from luxurious linens and confectionery to fine furniture and chocolate. The displays were stunning, demonstrating the high standards and quality expected in the hospitality sector.

My morning at SAITEX, Africa’s Big 7, and the Hotel and Hospitality Expo was an enlightening experience. The event successfully combined the culinary arts, entrepreneurial spirit, and hospitality excellence under one roof. It was an excellent opportunity to witness the convergence of different industries and the innovative solutions they bring to the table. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings made it a memorable day, and I look forward to attending future editions of this remarkable event.