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ATKV Resorts is a resort group that offers affordable family holidays for South Africans. With resorts all over the country, getting away with the family is now more accessible and affordable than ever. Resorts are available in Fishhoek, Goudini Spa, Drakensville and Buffelspoort, among other locations, and ATKV members receive further discounts when booking. All resorts feature loads of family fun, from pools and putt-putt, to water sports, game drives and so much more.



Guests can choose from a rondavel, flat, villa or even a camping or caravan site, at one of the many resorts.


ATKV Resorts allows you the opportunity to offer a truly unique conference experience or corporate event. No needs for your delegates or guests to envy the holidaymakers at our resorts, as our tailor-made conference packages include corporate visitors in all activities throughout their stay. Don’t pack light as these are not your average conference venues.


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