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Energise and personalise your events with genuine, brand-centred hospitality from Barmotion. We carefully wrap our cosmopolitan hospitality solutions, from coffee bars to pop-up sushi stands, around your brands.

Our magnificent ‘Barmotion Rock Stars’, all trained and fully- certified, are your perfect brand ambassadors - whipping up a buzz and a vibe to make your event rock, making your guests and visitors feel not only welcome but appreciated and valued.

We’re more than just a mobile bar company, we offer full turnkey hospitality and branding solutions specifically tailored to your requirements. Our extensive experience and knowledge in the events, marketing and hospitality sector let us understand what’s key to achieving the results you need, and we offer the best in service to our clients.

We offer a hands-on approach, taking the time to understand your brand and its values, so we can meet your brief with a first-class hospitality solution.

Branded hospitality for corporate events is a tool to bring people together for a moment in promoting communication, opening channels and networking.

Why Choose Barmotion:

  • We have over 12 years’ experience in the events sector
  • We are a reliable and professional service
  • Industry-leading equipment, with backup units on stand-by
  • We use the highest-quality ingredients
  • We devise unique event solutions

Solutions We Offer:

  • Exhibition hospitality
  • Product launches
  • Organisational incentives
  • Conferences
  • Wellness days
  • Corporate & private functions
  • Roadshows

… and much more!


Bars can be customised to suit the event and needs of the guests. They are able to convert their standard bars into a green bar on request. They are divided into three main categories with a selection of tempting options under each. BEVERAGES:

  • Bubble tea bar This exotic Taiwanese drink will certainly be a hit with guests. It consists of an iced tea base, fruit syrup and tapioca balls. Guests can customise their own bubble tea and enjoy the delicious flavour.
  • Cappuccino bar Barmotion’s cappuccino bars use ultramodern Italian La Cimbali machines and an exclusive blend of Central and South American washed Arabica combined with East and Central African beans, guaranteeing delicious coffee. Guests can also choose from a variety of other warm beverages such as espresso, spiced chai, mocha and white hot chocolate as well as combining delicious syrups with their coffee.
  • Crush bar The crush bar is a sure-fire way of providing guests with a refreshing drink on those hot summer days. They use top quality Granita machines to make crushes that come in two main varieties. Choose a fruit crush made from additive-free fruit purée and 100% fresh fruit juice or opt for a creamy frappe instead to satisfy your nagging sweet tooth.
  • Health juice bar Ideal for the health-conscious and also suitable for vegetarians, this is a perfect option if you would like to provide your guests with healthy and delicious refreshments. Seeing as raw juicing is all the rage at the moment, their selection of fresh vegetable and fruit juices will undoubtedly be popular. They also offer extra booster shots such as ginger and wheatgrass.
  • Health smoothie bar Their smoothies are made with pure fruit juice, fresh fruit pieces and low-fat yoghurt. The seasonal fruit calendar determines flavours, however they also offer vegetable and lactose-free smoothies. This is a great option for events such as wellness days and corporate breakfasts. A custom-made smoothie recipe tailored to your brand or eventcan also be made on request.
  • Hot chocolate bar Come the chilly winter months, your guests will love a steamy sweet beverage. Barmotion’s hot chocolate bar is sure to bring the heat to an event with everything from traditional hot chocolate to flavoured drinks such as caramel or white hot chocolate. These are all served with decadent garnishes like mini marshmallows and cream.
  • Milkshake bar Incorporate a retro element into your event or stand by offering guests an array of delicious milkshakes made from 100% quality ice cream. Flavours range from traditional options like vanilla to double-thick gourmet shakes such as cherry and nougat.


  • Frozen yoghurt bar A sensible and healthier choice for warm weather, their frozen yoghurt bars offer fresh and low fat frozen yoghurt. Guest can choose from many different flavours and then customise their frozen yoghurt with toppings like nuts, fudge and syrupy sauces.
  • Gelato bar This Italian style ice cream will prove to be a decadent refreshment spot for guests. Customise your gelato bar by offering four flavours. These flavours come in a diverse variety, including cookies and cream, Belgian chocolate and fig and honey.
  • Soft serve bar Seeing as everyone had a fondness for sugary sweet ice cream, it would definitely make any event experience an enjoyable one by making use of Barmotion’s soft serve bar. The soft serve flavours come with a choice of several exciting toppings and syrups, as well as the more eco-friendly option of serving it to guests in wafer baskets and sugar cones instead of plastic cups.


  • Crepe bar Provide guests with the lightest golden brown crepes with delicious fillings like chestnut spread or strawberries and reap the word of mouth brand promotion rewards. They make use of circular professional crepe machines to ensure perfect crepes at the bar.
  • Cupcake bar Cupcakes are certainly suitable for any type of event, regardless of whether you are catering to expo guests or corporate employees. Barmotion will ensure an outstanding cupcake bar by allowing their dedicated cupcake artist to bake and decorate all cupcakes.
  • Pizza bar Guests will flock in masses to the bar boasting what is guaranteed to be one of the most mouth-watering snacks available. Pizza bases are imported from Italy and served New York style, which is sliced into quarters with all the toppings you can imagine.
  • Popcorn bar Having this bar at your event will provide guests with either spiced or plain popcorn. They can walk around an expo or sit in a conference while nibbling on this light and healthy snack. Barmotion uses special popcorn makers and pairing this bar with a soft serve bar could create a quaint old-fashioned atmosphere.
  • Soup bar If you need to serve a nutritional and delicious light meal to guests, a hearty cup of soup is just the thing you are looking for. Every soup bar can serve three flavours and also offers a selection of breads and croutons.
  • Sushi bar This Japanese food is sure to be popular among guests because it is not only delicious, but also very trendy. Barmotion’s professional sushi chefs will use the freshest ingredients to give your guests exceptional sushi.
  • Waffle bar Offer your guests a sweet indulgence in the form of authentic Belgian waffles or waffles on a stick. These treats can be made with your ingredient of choice such as black cherries and almonds, served with gelato or dipped in chocolate.
  • Wrap barWraps are nice compact snacks that won’t have guests messing over themselves. The Barmotion wrap bar serves freshly made wraps with fillings like hummus, basil pesto and chicken strips.

BRANDED BARS In order to maximise exposure and improve brand awareness you can turn any of the above bars into a branded bar. Barmotion provides you with different branding solutions in the form of branded shot glasses, serviettes, plates and many more. They will act as an extension of your brand and promote your business through their services.


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