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Incorporating the Durban International Convention Centre (Durban ICC), the Durban ICC Arena and Durban Exhibition Centre, the 112 000 m2 Durban ICC is renowned for its five star service facilities, state-of-the-art technology, mouth-watering African cuisine, and of course its unique location on Durban’s sun-drenched shores. Durban ICC prides itself on delivering an experience with innovative solutions geared to delivering on its clients’ objectives and expectations in a sustainable and proudly African way.

Durban ICC is located in Durban Central, only 30 minutes away from King Shaka International Airport, which acts as a gateway to a broad range of international routes. Both the airport and Durban ICC are easily accessible via high-speed
road links.



The Durban ICC’s in-house Culinary Team offer you authentic flavours that have captured local and international tastes of the world. With capacities ranging from 10 to 5000 guests, no event is too small or too big for our experienced team. Additionally, Durban offers a wide choice of restaurants and is an excellent destination to sample a tantalising array of fresh seafood and many other dishes that will tempt the taste buds.  The cuisine is as varied as the shopping in Durban, from fast food outlets and roadside vendors offering everything - including the famous bunny chow - a half loaf of bread crammed with curry - through to sushi bars, pavement cafes, friendly pubs to the traditional South African "braai".


With some 3600 hotel rooms within a short walking distance of Durban ICC your delegate accommodation requirements are sure to be met.


The Durban ICC is purpose-built, fully air-conditioned and comprises of six convention halls that are interlinked by operable walls, which allow for a number of venue configurations. The 6 halls can be used individually or opened up to form one large venue of 11,800m². With raked seating for 5,532 delegates, plenary seating for 12,000 and up to 32 meeting rooms ranging in size from 43m² to 402m², the Durban ICC can accommodate large scale events of every type.  This venue also provides banqueting for up to 5,000 guests and the Durban ICC Arena can accommodate up to 10,000 fans for concerts with full technical capacity for live broadcasts. The Durban ICC facilities include the value-for-money adjacent Durban Exhibition Centre offering an additional 11,400m² of flexible flat-floor space across 2 halls. The centres can function independently or as a combined island. Every requirement can be accommodated and The Durban ICC team strives constantly to deliver world-class service excellence. The arena has full technical capacity for live broadcasts as well as house lighting suitable for TV production filming. The Centre is fully Wi-Fi enabled and there are two on-site generators which can fully power the centre in the event of power disruptions.


DescriptionUseable Area (m²)Banquet (Plated)Banquet (Buffet)CocktailSchool RoomTheatre
Convention Halls - ICC
Hall 1144850044010007501000
Hall 1A / 1B724250200550300500
Hall 227601000770220013502500
Hall 2A / 2B / 2D414160120350200300
Hall 2C690220200530330500
Hall 2E / 2F / 2H2767070200140200
Hall 2AB / 2FH828320250700430580
Hall 2AF / 2BH / 2DE690220200530336500
Hall 2CH / 2DEF966250220700400800
Hall 2EF552200140400280400
Hall 2ABFH / 2CDE138054045012007201050
Hall 2CDEFH1932800720140011001600
Hall 323461000850180013202200
Hall 3A147263051014007201500
Hall 3B / 3C437200150400250390
Hall 3BC874360300800450680
Hall 4162864056015009501400
Hall 4A / 4B484200150400260360
Hall 4C / 4D330120100300160300
Hall 4AB968400320900550800
Hall 4CD660270210600370500
Hall 4AD / Hall 4BC814350280800500750
Hall 5165660048015009501400
Hall 5A / 5B / 5C / 5D414150120400240320
Hall 5AB / 5CD / 5AD / 5bc828350320700450650
Hall 6612160120250240360
Hall 6A / 6B3068060120120180
Popular Convention Hall Combinations - ICC
Hall 1 & 2420818401440340024003300
Hall 1, 2 & 3655428002200550040005800
Hall 1AB, 2ABFH28281160980240016002400
Hall 1AB, 2AB2276800700180011001700
Hall 2, 3A423218001500360026003600
Hall 2CDEFH & 3472817501500310025003500
Hall 2 & 3510621001700400030004000
Hall 3 & 4397416001360300025003700
Hall 3 & 4AB331413601100300019003000
Hall 3BC, 4, 5415816001200260032004500
Hall 4 & 532841200800240027003200
Hall 4, 5 & 6389615001300360024003800
Hall 4CD, 5 & 6292811001000270018503000
Hall 5 & 62268960740210014502400
Hall 5CD & 6144055042012007001100
Meeting Room 11370200150280150280
Meeting Room 11A / 11B / 11C / 11D623020402745
Meeting Room 11AB / 11CD12960507069100
Meeting Room 11E1135040805484
Meeting Room 11ABE / 11CDE2429070180120160
Meeting Room 12370200150280150280
Meeting Room 12A / 12B / 12C /12D623020402745
Meeting Room 12AB / 12CD12960507069100
Meeting Room 12E1135040805484
Meeting Room 12ABE / 12CDE2429070180120160
Meeting Room 21362200150280180280
Meeting Room 21A / 21B / 21C / 21D / 21E / 21F452010201830
Meeting Room 21AB / 21BC / 21DE / 21EF904020405460
Meeting Room 21G1035030804090
Meeting Room 21ABC / 21DEF135603010072120
Meeting Room 21ABCG / 21DEFG238120100200110180
Meeting Room 22362220160300150360
Meeting Room 22A / 22B / 22C / 22D / 22E / 22F452010201830
Meeting Room 22AB / 22BC / 22DE / 22EF904020405460
Meeting Room 22G1035030804090
Meeting Room 22ABC / 22DEF135603010072120
Meeting Room 22ABCG / 22DEFG238120100200110180
Executive Conference Suite 23Boardroom: 47m² - Lounge: 21m²14
Executive Conference Suite 24Boardroom: 47m² - Lounge: 21m²14
Executive Conference Suite 25Boardroom: 47m² - Lounge: 21m²14
DEC Hall 1600033902590450034305500
DEC Hall 2327013901080280020502950
DEC Hall 2 East920400300800500750
DEC Hall 2 Central10504503609007501000
DEC Hall 2 West130054042011008001200
DEC Hall 2 East & Central1970850660170012501750
DEC Hall 2 West & Central2350990780200015502200
DEC Hall 1 & 2927047803670730054808450
DEC Hall 6370180130300200280
DEC Coast of Dreams440270200300225320
DEC Mystrals140604013078110


45 Bram Fischer Road, 4001

Tell: 031-360 1000

Cell: 082 9271014




Durban ICC

Durban ICC, Bram Fischer Road, Durban Central, Durban, South Africa

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