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John Sanei


Keynote speaker, facilitator, trend specialist, business innovation strategist, entrepreneur

A visionary entrepreneur with over 20 years’ business experience in South Africa and abroad, John Sanei’s energy is infectious. The trend specialist’s passion is unpacking trends for business leaders and showing them how to innovate with purpose. As a strategist, John has walked the talk, having owned and sold a smorgasbord of businesses, and he is particularly invested in the future of industries, consumers, technology and employees. His belief that emotional fitness enhances business strategy, couple with his radical transparency and authenticity in sharing his life lessons, make his presentations stand out.

A practical maverick, John likes to ask leading questions that get businesses thinking about how they can innovate with purpose. One of the most pressing issues for companies is how to stay relevant, authentic and profitable in an ever-changing world.


Phone: +27 (0)11 465 4410



Address: 8 Sheldon Place Office Park, Lone Close, Lonehill, 2062