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Ovation Audience Relationship Team


Ovation Audience Relationship Team (PTY) Ltd, operating under the creative banner "We Turn Invitations Into Conversations... Yes, It's An Art!", is a premier service provider based in Gauteng at 502 January Masilela Drive, Constantia Park, specialising in transforming the guest experience for various events. With a profound understanding that the essence of events lies in audience engagement, Ovation ART expertly covers the entire guest journey, from the initial invitation through to RSVP management, secure online payments, on-site guest logistics, and detailed event analytics.

Established 16 years ago, Ovation ART has refined the art of RSVP management and guest relations, ensuring that every invitation extends into a meaningful and lasting conversation. The company leverages innovative technology including a mobile event app, virtual platforms, and a WhatsApp communication tool to make events more relevant, social, and personalised. These tools allow for smart content delivery that enhances guest interaction and engagement at every level of the event process.

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Ovation ART continues to be a leader in guest management and event technology solutions, consistently driving innovations that transform standard events into extraordinary experiences.


For more detailed information about their services, or to make an inquiry, you can contact them directly via email at marisa@ovationart.co.za or by phone at 083 254 6481.

Additional contact options include reaching out to Melodie at melodie@ovationart.co.za or by phone at 082 741 1366.

You can also connect with Ovation ART on Facebook to stay updated on their latest offerings and event solutions.


Ovation Audience Relationship Team

502 January Masilela Drive, Constantia Park, Pretoria, South Africa