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Supa Quick Bruma offers car owners a comprehensive array of fitment checks to boost their car’s overall performance. Vehicles are given an accurate and precise wheel alignment using the latest in 3D fitment technology. Car owners can also opt for a vehicle rotation and balancing, a 10-point safety check, and a battery check.

Choose between these options:

  • R89 for 3D Wheel Alignment for One Vehicle (R250 value)
  • R139 for 3D Wheel Alignment, Rotation, and Balancing for One Vehicle (R450 value)
  • R249 for 3D Wheel Alignment, Rotation, Balancing, 10-Point Safety Check, and Battery Check for One Vehicle (R800 value)

More About Supa Quick Bruma

Supa Quick Bruma fitment centres are committed to providing the ultimate experience in auto fitment. All staff members are provided ongoing fitment training and regular in-store performance evaluations are conducted to ensure staff members meet exact fitment standards. Value Tyre & Fitment Group also ensures that dealers are always up-to-date on the latest research and development in the field of auto fitment technology.

Supa Quick Bruma

Ernest Oppenheimer Avenue,


Johannesburg, GAUTENG 2198

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