The advantages of destination team building | The Planner

In recent years, management styles have gone from the promotion of a competitive workplace environment to a more cooperative one which has brought Team Building to the attention of a lot of bosses. Jacolette Mostert, Senior Functions Coordinator at Prince’s Grant, provides some insight into how you can tap into your team’s potential – and the benefits of doing this far from the distractions and comfort of your usual office environment.

The words ‘Team Building’ bring up images in your mind of obstacle courses, endurance races and groups of people normally doing something in mud; but team building goes so much further than that. Mostert says: “Team building is an investment for your company, big or small. If your staff can work together as an efficient team, your company will run more efficiently thereby boosting productivity.”

What is team building?

Team building is any kind of activity that encourages your staff to work together as a team. Team building activities are normally competitive which adds an element of pressure that imitates the pressure felt in the workplace. Team building can be anything from taking your employees away for a weekend to just playing games in the office – anything that boosts team morale and teaches your staff to work together better.

What does team building do?

Team building teaches your staff to work together, which will increase motivation, increase confidence and trust in themselves and each other and most importantly, increase productivity. When working as a team, each person has a certain responsibility that will contribute to reaching a goal. Mostert says that team building activities show how each person’s role supports the outcome of the team. “Bonding over problem solving is a big factor in the success of team building. When people come to a solution to a problem by solving it together, they feel closer to each other and work better together and you should make sure that your event planner keeps this in mind when planning a team building experience.”

What are the advantages of Destination Team Building?

Taking your employees away for a weekend or a few days is the most beneficial type of team building. “Taking people out of their comfort zone can expose vulnerabilities that most people at work would never see and this helps them get to know their colleagues in a way they never would have had the opportunity to before,” Mostert explains.“Colleagues spend a lot of time together but because that time is consumed by work, they often don’t have the chance to get to know each other very well.” She adds that sharing a living space for a few days and socializing together between activities or at night means that your staff can get to know the personal side of their colleagues, instead of only the side they show at work.

If you take your team away for a team building retreat, they will be able to leave the office behind and can focus on the activities that are planned for them. “Leave work out of it,” advises Mostert. “Let your employees have fun together and bond over something other than work. That way they will get the most out of it.” Taking your staff away from work demonstrates that the business is willing to invest in their success. Employees feel more assured and will work better when they feel appreciated and recognized for their contribution.

Where to go?

A venue such as Prince’s Grant is ideal for corporate retreats. The accommodation is provided in a 4 star lodge and conferencing facilities can accommodate up to 120 guests. You have a variety of team building activity venues to choose from including 2km of private beach, a sports area and a lagoon. Putting competitions can be held on the golf course and employees can enjoy sundowners together overlooking the Indian Ocean swapping stories about the day’s events. “We also have the natural forest on the estate that is perfect for orientation exercises and many other competitions,” says Jacolette.

If you would like to book your corporate retreat at Prince’s Grant Coastal Golf Estate or find out more about their tailor-made team building programs, you can email or visit for more information.