Five trends in event design not to miss in 2017 | The Planner

Staying competitive in the event design and planning industry means constantly staying abreast of trends and styles and working them into your projects and proposals. While fads come and go, trends can stick around for years and sometimes decades – making setting aside time to research them a worthwhile pursuit.

Here are five event design trends that we’re using to inspire our event designs:

  1. Natural Textures

Events filled with non-recyclable plastics and cheap mass-produced bling are a thing of the past. People are searching for a closer, and more conscious, connection to nature. Bring the outside in by choosing handcrafted wooden tables with interesting and imperfect grains and make them central to your look and feel by ditching the tablecloths.

We recently planned a social entrepreneurship conference and the event design was inspired by concepts such as growth, nurture and authenticity. We kept this ‘green’ theme as a golden thread throughout the conference and after-party. You can hire all the furniture pictured here from our online rental catalogue here.

  1. Charging Towers

Let’s get real for a second. No one can be parted with their mobile phones! When your guests start noticing their batteries drop to 10%, anxiety and panic begins to set in. Make sure that your event has a number of strategically placed charging stations available and while you’re at it, have the wifi password posted on AV screens or on beautifully designed signage. You can even use charging towers as a branding or décor opportunity like we did for this rooftop luncheon in Cape Town.

Functional charging towers are disguised as décor pieces. Just don’t forget to tell your guests that they’re available to use!

  1. Local Flowers and Succulents

As climate change and water security becoming a topic that is top of mind for everyone, switching to using local water wise plants and flowers is an obvious (and sustainable) one. We have a gorgeous array of indigenous flowers like proteas, aloe, strelitzia, agapanthus, daisies as well as an endless selection of interesting succulents. And what’s more, they’ll guarantee a wilt-free event.

Our friends at Flowers in the Foyer are always able to give us great advice on what flowers are in season and are also skilled at creating intricate floral centrepieces.

  1. Geometric Shapes

They’re everywhere and they are so much fun to play with. Whether you feature them in your invitation artwork, on your linen or in your table décor, geometric patterns give your event design a slick, modern edge. Don’t be afraid to mix them with different colours and textures, but remember that – as always – less is more.

  1. Feature Crockery and Glassware

A simple way to take your event design to a whole new level is to opt for feature crockery and glassware. Don’t discount the astounding effect that a coloured wine glass or handmade side plate can have on your event look and feel. This is an especially important choice if food will be centre stage. Remember that we eat with our eyes first.

From the addition of a simple base plate or the choice of a feature wine glass – attention to these details will take your event design from average to awesome.

Editor’s Note: Tamryn Viljoen is the Creative Brain at XL Events. Visit their website for more information and a quote.