Five top entertainment trends in 2017 | The Planner

There’s something about hosting an event that makes attendees go “wow” that fills any event planner’s heart with a great amount of pride. So we’ve been scouring the web trying to find the best of the best upcoming international trends, that have not even landed in South Africa for the most part. Ideas that will leave your guests entertained and more importantly–longing for a little bit more.

Here are our top 5  picks of hot entertainment trends in the event industry:

  1. Technology acts

With technological advancements still on the rise and no sign of it slowing down anytime soon, event planners are trying to incorporate it as best they can into their events. In terms of technological acts, it’s not just digital, but also the incredible use of augmented and virtual reality. Think anything that uses lavish numbers of LEDs, including Nee-On and Supernova and a personal favourite of mine is the use of sound to manipulate elements, see below:

  1. Motown

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Great Gatsby theme that was exceptionally popular a couple of years ago is slowly disappearing into the historical theme boxes where they’ll stay until the next revival. These days we’re looking at an increase in the popularity of the sixties/seventies Soul/Motown theme. Smooth hits that take you back to the era of Motown are very much in right now, with requests for everyone from Diana Ross to Marvin Gaye to the Jackson 5 going through the roof.

  1. Engaging / Immersive

Something we’ve noticed more often is that people like to take part in events. They prefer the more interactive aspects of events and bringing that interactive aspect into your event through entertainment is wildly popular with attendees. International acts such as the Mash Machine, allows attendees to create their own song despite having next to no musical talent. The more engaged your audience, the better, especially considering that this adds an additional networking aspect to the event.

  1. Food

Caterers may be able to supply with a proper menu that will satisfy your guests, but gone are the days of following your mum’s instruction to not play with your food. With astounding creations like popcorn poppers, chocolate taps and the increasingly popular Edible Mist Orbs. Yes, dear reader, your golden ticket is secured!

  1. Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands aren’t exactly a new addition to the entertainment sphere, but they are becoming increasingly popular at any and all events. With a number of acoustic bands to choose from in South Africa, you can’t go wrong when hiring an acoustic band.