Montecasino Supplier Showcase keeping it local | The Planner

The 3rd annual national Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs Supplier Showcase Exhibition on 30 October in partnership with Proudly South African is focusing on ‘keeping it local’ – to encourage local buying, local manufacturing, and consequently, local job creation, all in the interests of local economic growth. The expo will be held at The Pivot at Montecasino, and will feature an amazing diversity of more than 40 emerging enterprises across an array of industries from seven provinces, exhibiting and selling their goods and services to buyers from all sectors including, corporate, government and the public.

Candy Tothill, Tsogo Sun’s GM of Corporate Affairs, says the partnership with Proudly South African is verification of the ongoing success of the Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs programme. “Proudly South African has an excellent track record of driving economic prosperity and competitiveness in this country. It recently participated in the Presidential Jobs Summit where Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs was proud to be presented as a partnership that works. Proudly South African’s endorsement of the Supplier Showcase Exhibition will add additional value to the event.” Wholly committed to local growth, the Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs programme sponsors membership of Proudly South African for the emerging businesses it supports.

The Supplier Showcase Exhibition is designed to give the participating businesses the opportunity to gain exposure to potential new markets and secure new customers. Tothill adds, “The enterprises at the Showcase are all at different stages of development – some are relatively new businesses while others are more established – but all of them have a passion for developing and growing their businesses, and for building a proudly South African legacy that will continue long into the future. In this year’s National Supplier Showcase Exhibition, we are seeing collaborations and partnerships among the businesses exhibiting, which will serve to enhance their overall offerings.”

Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs has a sound 13-year history in entrepreneur and supplier development under the auspices of the Tsogo Sun group, which has always taken its responsibility towards assisting SMMEs and contributing to economic growth very seriously. “Our emphasis in Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs has consistently been on skills-based development, and on providing preferential procurement opportunities to qualifying and predominantly black-owned small businesses,” adds Tothill. The Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs programme currently supports 242 emerging enterprises.

Interested corporates and members of the public are invited to visit the exhibition to experience the businesses’ products and services first-hand and support proudly South African emerging enterprises.