Profitroom and ResRequest collaborate to enhance South African safari experiences | The Planner

Profitroom, a renowned global leader in hospitality technology solutions, is excited to unveil its latest strategic collaboration with ResRequest. This is aimed at simplifying and enhancing the safari booking process. ResRequest, which is a South African business management tool catering to boutique safari lodges and hotels, streamlines the safari booking experience so offering consumers a seamless and convenient solution.

Tricia Wood, Profitroom’s Business Development Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the untapped potential of Africa’s lodge and safari market. She emphasised how this collaboration would contribute to unlocking this potential and revolutionising the industry.

The tourism industry in South Africa is experiencing a resurgence

This is evidenced by the remarkable rebound in December 2023, with 3.5 million travellers recorded at the country’s ports of entry. Safaris and lodges are pivotal in driving this resurgence, with significant interest in African safaris centered around South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Ntando Bhengu, Director of New Business Development at ResRequest, emphasised the integration of Profitroom’s innovative technology solutions with ResRequest’s platform, resulting in a streamlined booking process for customers. This integration ensures a hassle-free booking experience from start to finish.

The birth of ResRequest

ResRequest was developed to meet the specific needs of safari lodges, coastal resorts, and boutique hotels in remote areas, providing essential tools for property management, sales, guest management, and business reporting.

With the Profitroom-ResRequest partnership, booking an African safari has become more accessible than ever. Travellers can expect a user-friendly interface, real-time availability, and access to some of the best packages and add-ons. The partnership also offers secure payment options, promising a stress-free journey into the heart of Africa’s wilderness for millions of travellers.