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Exhibiting at an event isn’t just about being there and giving away a few hundred free pens or stress balls – it’s about creating a memorable experience that resonates with your audience and leaves your key message and brand uppermost in their mind.

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Exhibiting successfully requires a concert of elements working together – good stand design, eye-catching graphics, innovative technology, and a well-planned strategy. But to really rise above the noise, you need something that will help inject an air of excitement, anticipation, and pizzazz, into proceedings, appealing to the senses and emotions of your visitors too.

Imagine your typical exhibition visitor – roaming the event for hours, with sore feet, thirsty, and getting hungrier all the time. This is your opportunity to capture their interest and earn their gratitude, a chance to make a positive, memorable, impression. When you speak in the universal language of hospitality, everyone listens!

Coffee is the mainstay of exhibitions. Exhibitors and visitors alike relish its invigorating effects, whether that’s banishing early morning tiredness or perking up sleepy afternoons. With an espresso bar on your stand, you can offer a wide variety of teas and coffees, but what you’re really trying to do is create an experience for your visitors that they will remember for the right reasons — that they felt welcome, valued and the refreshments were delicious.

But why stop at coffee? The culinary world offers an endless spectrum of tastes and aromas to play with. With some thought and imagination, you can tailor the choice of drinks and snacks you offer to resonate and reflect aspects of your business and its values, the sector you work in, or the products and services you create.

Here at Barmotion, we instinctively understand the power of hospitality in an exhibition setting and work to leverage every aspect of it in your favour. We invest in top-tier staff and training; we insist on quality equipment, and source premium produce to create an exceptional experience for all your exhibition visitors. And it’s not just about the quality — we carefully integrate your brand and products into this sensory experience, to create cohesive and memorable moments for your guests.

Doing this successfully requires creativity and customisation. The choice of refreshments can be tailored to reflect the event’s nature or your brand’s ethos. If you’re in the health and well-being sector, offer fresh fruit smoothies and nutritious bites; if you’re a technology company, you could opt for innovative and futuristic snacks and drinks. Consider the season too – offer warming drinks and soups in cold weather and refreshing iced beverages or gelato when it’s sweltering! Your visitors will thank you!

Effective branding of exhibition hospitality means going beyond logos and taglines. Done well, branded exhibition hospitality creates an immersive experience for visitors. Imagine them sipping coffee from cups bearing your logo, or your new product printed onto iced biscuits, or your logo in chocolate on a frothy cappuccino. With edible inks, printed tableware, and branded apparel, hospitality offers a much wider canvas for your brand at an exhibition and turns every interaction into a brand engagement.

To make your branded exhibition hospitality truly exceptional, you need exceptional people. At Barmotion we call our team members ‘Rock Stars’ – because they know how to captivate and charm a crowd. They are the foundation of your successful exhibition hospitality. They will embody the spirit of your brand and use their brilliant interpersonal skills to engage with visitors to your stand in a way that leaves a lasting, positive impression. We make every visitor, from the first to the last, feel welcome and valued.

Our philosophy at Barmotion is simple but powerful. Combine exceptional people with a dazzling choice of customisable drinks and snacks and embed your brand and identity into every aspect of the experience. Turn your exhibition presence from being another space within the event into a destination in its own right and use that power to deliver your key message to visitors, engaging their senses and feelings, and keeping your brand uppermost in their minds.

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