Trailblazing influences at the Dream Bigger Summit | The Planner

At the recent Dream Bigger Summit, a gathering known for its dynamic assembly of visionaries and leaders, Charlotte du Plessis – a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and neuro coach – was the focal point of admiration and applause. Her influence was palpable, setting a tone of inspiration and empowerment.

Charlotte’s leadership style is profoundly impactful, best captured by the sentiment shared at the event: “If you’re leading and no one is following, you’re just taking a walk.” But Charlotte is no solitary wanderer; she is a true leader, evidenced by the many who follow and support her. Her ability to inspire commitment to a greater cause was highlighted throughout the event, where she was described as someone who “you cannot say no to.”

Charlotte’s career

Her career, spanning nearly four decades, includes founding one of South Africa’s most successful network organisations. Under her stewardship, Woman of Stature has grown into a global brand, with the Woman of Stature Recognition Awards going international for the first time in Dubai in 2022.

The Dream Bigger Summit in 2023, hosted again by Charlotte, was not just a conference but a beacon for entrepreneurial minds aspiring to transcend local boundaries and make a global impact. The summit served as a testament to Charlotte’s exceptional ability to foster partnerships and collaboration.

Charlotte’s speech highlighted the ongoing contributions of women across various sectors, urging attendees to consider the global stage for their initiatives. Her message was clear: the potential for impact was boundless, and it was time for South African women to embrace their global citizenry.ย The evening also included heartfelt acknowledgments and celebrations of the many finalists of the Woman of Stature Awards, emphasising that while there can be only one winner, everyone’s journey and efforts are worthy of acclaim.

Charlotte’s presence and words not only elevated the event but also reinforced the importance of recognising and supporting women’s achievements, both locally and internationally.

In closing, Charlotte’s call to action was not just about recognising achievements but about continuing to support and empower each other, reflecting a legacy of leadership that encourages all to aspire to greater heights.