GUSTO Urban Italian Wins GM of the Year | The Planner

Gabrielle Roland, General Manager of GUSTO Urban Italian Restaurant, part of the Century City Conference Centre and Hotels portfolio, has expertly managed the establishment for nearly three years. Under her leadership, GUSTO has maintained the authenticity of Italian cuisine while infusing it with local South African elements and ingredients. This approach has resulted in a vibrant menu that offers a genuine Italian dining experience.

Starting as a bartender at Square Cafe and Wine Bar (now Urban Umami) in 2016, Gabrielle’s career progressed remarkably after receiving a scholarship through the company’s Bursary Award Programme. This programme supports ambitious team members by providing the means to pursue further education in hospitality management. Gabrielle’s ascent continued from Food and Beverage Supervisor to Assistant Restaurant Manager at Square Cafe, culminating in her leading the opening team for Gusto in February 2022.

Century City’s commitment to team development

Gary Koetser, CEO of Century City Conference Centre and Hotels, praised Gabrielle’s skills and dedication, highlighting her as a prime example of the qualities they value in leadership roles. Gabrielle herself credits her passion for food and customer service as the driving force behind her success, supported by the growth opportunities provided by Century City. This commitment to nurturing talent is evident in the achievements of other team members as well, with Chelsea Chetty and Bernard Abrahams also reaching the final rounds in their respective categories at the awards. Gary Koetser expressed immense pride in the entire team, emphasising the individual and collective contributions that enhance the reputation of Century City Conference Centre and Hotels.