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In business travel, delays caused by lengthy visa processes are the last thing you need. Stay updated with the latest visa requirements to ensure a seamless journey. Here’s an overview of current visa guidelines to help you navigate the process efficiently.

Schengen region

The high season has begun, so book your appointment slots early. VFS LODGEMENT CENTER appointments are far in advance owing to high demand. Consulates are rejecting applications owing to insufficient time, so allow enough time for processing – 15 working days from your appointment date. Check specific country appointment dates regularly as they change hourly.

UK visas

UK visas are currently taking 4 – 5 weeks from the date of the UK visa biometric appointment. Appointments are generally available within a week, and priority options are available. South African passport holders DO REQUIRE a transit visa for the UK.

Canada visas

Processing time for Canada visas is currently 232 days from the date of biometric collection. Once the BIOMETRIC letter is received, you have four  weeks to process biometrics to avoid additional costs.

Australia visas

From the date the application is paid online, applicants have 14 days to complete biometrics, or the application will be rejected. Standard processing time after the appointment is 7 – 10 working days. Appointments are readily available.

UAE visas

The UAE has introduced stricter entry requirements. Tourists must have hotel bookings, return tickets, and sufficient funds. For a one-month visa, at least Dh3 000 (R15 340) is required, and for a three-month visa, at least Dh5 000 (R25 567). Airport officials may ask for documentation and purpose of visit; insufficient answers may result in denied entry.

USA appointments

Current appointment dates:

  • Johannesburg: 23 September 2024,
  • Cape Town: 10 October 2024, and
  • Durban: 9 September 2024.

If your previous USA visa expired within the last 48 months, you might qualify for an “appointment waiver”. No earlier appointments are available unless there’s an urgent or compelling need for business travel.

Staying informed about the latest visa requirements is crucial for ensuring that your business travels remain smooth and uninterrupted. By planning ahead and understanding the specific guidelines for each destination, you can avoid unnecessary delays and focus on what truly matters – your business objectives.