Discovering the next chapter of Sun City | The Planner

The anticipation of witnessing upgrades to an iconic venue such as Sun City is akin to unwrapping a long-awaited gift. As the veil of construction lifts, revealing fresh spaces, modern amenities, and enhanced experiences, our curiosity dances with delight. We imagine the vibrant colours, the harmonious blend of architecture and nature, as well as the palpable energy that will soon fill those revitalised halls. It is like catching a glimpse of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon – a transformation that promises wonder and memories waiting to be etched into our hearts.

Sustainable innovations for a greener future

Sun City opened its doors to the media over the past weekend and bestowed them with an exciting glimpse of what is to come. While solar panels can be a huge upfront cost, they offer significant long-term benefits. Sun City has adorned its rooftops with a mantle of solar panels. This will allow more available energy for the surrounding communities as it minimises the demand for power to Sun City, reducing some strain on the national grid.

The Sun Vacation Club (SVC) is next on the list of exciting upgrades. These soothing spaces offer the feeling of being in nature and this is notably represented by these uplifting upgrades. These beloved vacation homes now hum with renewed purpose. They embrace aesthetics and represent nature from the inside out, with natural stone-look tiles and animal pattern fabrics in vibrant colours.

Revitalising iconic spaces

The Sun City Hotel was also invited to the ‘face-lifting’ party, and it was impressive to see the magic. Complete upgrades on all 304 rooms, corridors, the Sun Terrace, and infrastructure upgrades will be conducted in phases with the aim of bringing the first 56 refreshed rooms back into operation just in time for the Nedbank Golf Challenge this year. The harmonious blend of the rich Tswana culture as well as the signature luxury of Sun City ensures that the legacy lives on and will be cherished by generations to come.

Sun City will be the first in the industry to open brand new padel facilities. With over 90 countries in the world already joining in on the padel front, the resort is proudly embracing the growth and inclusion of this activity. These world-class padel courts will be lit at night and will be added to the list of many activities that can be enjoyed while staying at Sun City. The facilities will boast a reception area, ablution facilities, a pro shop, as well as a food and beverage area. Specially appointed marshals will be on hand to collect balls and maintain the courts at all times. These courts will be open to bookings from visitors and guests and Sun City is keen to host regional and national padel events in the future. The existing tennis courts will also be upgraded to keep the ‘Sun City’ standards. The padel courts are expected to open for business by the end of July this year.

Last but not least, the Retail Centre has welcomed Krispy Kreme, Ben’s Bubble Tea, and a Lego Wonderland, adding more options of splendour to your visit!

Sun City’s upgrades promise an unforgettable blend of comfort, excitement, and natural splendour. So, pack your bags and get ready for an elevated holiday experience!