The Kings and Queens of culinary entertainment | The Planner

You’re greeted with a cocktail upon entry, followed by dancers, canapés and maybe a rabbit in a hat (if you’re lucky). It seems that throwing a party or launching a brand has taken a near conventional incarnation – a sad state of affairs for any person attending.

It’s the mechanisation of what should be a glorious celebration that results in a less than impressive experience for guests, brands and planners.  Instead, why not choose to entertain your guests in the language that everyone speaks, the language of food. Meet the Royal Family of Supreme Culinary Entertainment. Choose any one of these roving royals: the Oyster King, Biltong, Sushi, Caviar, Bubbly, Ice Lolly, Macaron and Cake Pop Queens or the Fortune Cookie Girl, who will entertain your guests while serving a few gourmet-inspired morsels.

Each brand activation is quite unique; a well-trained, personable promotional team serving oysters, sushi, caviar, macarons, bubbly, biltong, ice lollies, cake pops or fortune cookies to your guests makes their way around the crowd. All you do? Sit back and watch the beaming faces of your guests.

The Oyster Kings and Queens are teams of debonair young guys and girls who are quick on the draw as they shuck, garnish and serve fresh West Coast oysters. Dressed in their leather attire, they’re equipped with tools, oysters and condiments for a hors d’oeuvre that will set the tone for a truly inspirational event.

These kings and queens are also well versed in oyster trivia, to further that interactive experience you have created. Whilst they chatter, your guests are invited to top their oyster with tabasco, a squeeze of lemon juice, or a crack of black pepper as they enjoy the taste of the sea without missing a beat in conversation.

The Sushi and Caviar Queens give guests alternatives to the usual party fair. Both morsels offer guests a healthy, delicious and beautiful hors d’oeuvre option as they mingle. It’s a sign of sophistication, poise and simple good taste that will set your event apart from the rest.

The Caviar Queens will float through the crowd serving up spoonful of glassy caviar directly onto the gentle curve between the index finger and thumb, which then pops on the tongue rather seductively. Alternatively, the Caviar Queens could serve the coy little sea jewels on blini’s with crème fraiche – a treat for anyone.

Our Sushi Queens are chosen for their Geisha-like qualities, accented with sharp wit and vast knowledge about these canapés. They will arrive equipped with all the condiments and knowledge to be able to whip up a hand roll or present Maki rolls right in front of your very eyes. Training to be a Sushi chef takes many years but these exquisite ladies have been given the tools and taught the tricks to be able to pull it off in style.

The South African culture of biltong runs deep and it is no wonder that we go around the world and share this national treasure. The Biltong Queens, in their sassy safari suits, are the perfect way to put a proudly South African stamp on your party.

For those with a penchant for the sweeter side of life, the Ice Lolly, Macaron and Cake Pop Queens are a truly charming bevy. Holsters filled with delicate meringues sandwiched with ganache, or trays with artisan ice lollies or fanciful decorated cake pops are carried through the room by elegant beauties. With these ladies around you’re definitely letting your guests’ have their cake and eat it too.

The Fortune Cookie Girls have outstanding personalities and will communicate with your clients in a fun and interactive way whilst giving them the chance to take a bite out of their fortune. The slip inside the cookie can contain numerous messages. Design the cookie messages in a way that suits your brand. It’s an innovative way to communicate your core messages and brand values. Why not create a Social Media buzz around your event. The messages can contain wishes, logos, slogans, lucky draw numbers, prizes or Internet links.

Bubbly is every socialite’s best friend. There’s something quite magnificent about watching the streams of bubbles swirl in a long stemmed glass. Presenting your guests with a baseless champagne glass is sure to be a conversation topic and take them out of their comfort zone for the evening. With the ever-elegant Bubbly Queens keeping your guests eyes and glasses sparkling, every night is a red carpet moment.

“Some of the Royalty we have entertained are King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands, the Prince of Wales, and not to mention the King of the Virgin Empire Sir Richard Branson” comments Patrick de Bree, co-founder of the Oyster King.

Add an extra layer to your event by including a King or Queen of rather tasty proportions. It’s the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ of an effortlessly perfect soiree with all kudos going to the host, of course. Stand out in the sea of eventing and impress your guests with a sensory journey through food.

To book your King or Queen contact The Oyster King by telephone 0860 OYSTER (697837) or by email alternatively visit them online at