Are you future-proofing your business? | The Planner

Last year’s Event Greening Forum (EGF) Conference laid out exactly how you can prepare your business to succeed in tomorrow’s economy, explains Lynn McLeod.

The term ‘future-proofing’ was first used in the electronics industry. It describes how software, computers and other electronics are designed to be usable in the future, despite technology’s constant evolution. Since then, other industries have picked up the term, as they recognise the need to anticipate trends and threats to stay relevant.

This concept is hugely relevant now, to the MICE events industry, as well as the tourism and hospitality industries. For example, the water crisis in the Western Cape has illustrated the need for responsible resource management and climate change mitigation, while the National Convention Bureau has made sustainability a requirement for international bid support.

Therefore, the EGF has decided to adopt the theme ‘Future-proofing your business’ for this year’s annual conference. The packed programme for this one-day event will address how businesses in the events industry can (and should) prepare for future changes. It’s not only negative news – there are also many exciting opportunities and developments to learn about.

If you struggle with motivating your customers to want green, then you might also be interested in the EGF’s half-day master class on the day before the conference. Deon Robbertze will run the master class, and will explore how you can influence human behaviour to promote sustainable outcomes in your business.

Deon launched OgilvyEarth and is one of the founders of The Change Agent, a specialist sustainability and behaviour change communications agency. He has also co-published two books on sustainability and has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and communications.