UFI Certified Professional (UCP) designation launched | The Planner

The Global Association of the Exhibitions Industry, better known as UFI, has launched a new UFI-accredited qualification: the UFI Certified Professional (UCP).

This new designation expands on two existing UFI programmes, the UFI-VMA Venue Management School and the UFI-Exhibition Management School. Participants need to complete either of these courses and gain their remaining credits from specialisation modules by either UFI or its UCP partners – who currently include MBB-Consulting Group (UK), Virtual Events Institute (USA) and Rego (UK).

The designation is available to both UFI members and non-members.

The UCP programme is self-paced, with no time limit or minimum duration. Another advantage is that it is fully customisable, enabling participants to choose the timelines, topics and locations that suit them best. Networking, specialisation and career development is also included in the course.

The designation is available to both UFI members and non-members.

Kai Hattendorf, UFI CEO and Managing Director, says, “Our members have been requesting an UFI endorsement of our education, so they can signal to employers and peers that they have obtained outstanding industry training. Therefore, we are very pleased to introduce the UCP designation, a new, flexible approach in our industry serving different educational needs around the world.”

For more information, visit www.ufi.org/education/ucp