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Meetings magazine has partnered with the Southern African Communications Industries Association (SACIA) to offer CPD credits for readers of our publication.


How it works

Once you’ve read this edition of Meetings magazine, all you have to do is answer 10 simple multiple-choice questions related to the articles in this issue. Click the button below to take the quiz. Score 70% or more, and you’ll earn 1 CPD credit that can be used to maintain your professional designation!

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What’s the value of CPD credits?

In November 2020, SAQA registered three professional designations that can be awarded to event organisers in recognition of their skills and experience. To earn the designation, you are assessed on your education and work experience. You must also provide a Portfolio of Evidence supporting your claim of competence. You’ll also write an online, multiple-choice exam that tests your breadth of knowledge across various competencies specific to event management.

Once you’ve earned the designation, you must maintain membership in SACIA, abide by a code of professional conduct, and participate in a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) that keeps you up to date on the trends and technologies shaping the events industry.

Designated members need to earn 45 CPD credits within three years and can do so by attending formal training programmes, mentoring work colleagues, attending conferences and workshops, as well as self-study programmes such as reading books, journals and magazines.

As a bi-monthly publication, earning CPD points by reading Meetings magazine can enable you to obtain up to 18 CPD points over three years, and a significant chunk of the 45 CPD points required in this timeframe. So dont forget to subscribe to our magazine HERE (for free!), to ensure you dont ever miss an issue and the chance to read + click + earn CPD points!


Promoting the adoption of professional standards

Meetings magazine is committed to promoting the adoption of professional standards in the events industry. We support the development of formal programmes that recognise the competence of individuals working in our sector, and encourage readers to earn a professional designation recognising their skill, knowledge and expertise.


More information

For information on event management designations, go to:
For more information on SACIA and the Council of Event Professionals Africa, to go: