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SEASONED is run and owned by Miles and Itami Reolon - two chefs with a great passion for food and the people they cook for, ensuring their clients an amazing, unforgettable dining experience.The majority of the chefs that we work with have also had the privilige of working in some of the finer establishments locally and abroad and bring that special flair to our clientโ€™s dining experience.

SEASONED is a very experienced and well respected entity in the cheffing and catering arena. We have cooked for many prominent and famous individuals and events to date. Our clients have only been impressed and happy with our services.

SEASONED is also happy to come and cook a dinner for a small family celebration, or just to ease the burden on Mom for an evening.We offer a comprehensive service from tailor-making your menus to leaving your kitchen in spic-and-span condition after we have cooked for you and your guests.


Contact: Miles Reolon

Phone: 071 133 4993


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